Sunday, June 28, 2009

crayon roll

I've seen this idea on a few blogs, so I, by no means, take credit for it. This is just my little version. I just used an old pair of jeans and some colorful fabric, serged them together, and zig-zagged down the middle for the crayon pockets. The zig-zag looks pretty cute against the denim when you roll it up. And then, of course, the ribbon is sewn on to tie it all together.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

happy dad's day just a sweeter way to say father.

In an effort to be creative about a Father's Day dinner [because the menu wasn't that impressive this year], I had the idea to write out "DAD" with whatever dinner or dessert we would be eating.

Before the big Dad-celebration, I was slicing watermelon and came up with this idea for my edible "DAD" display that I had envisioned being part of our menu. This was so easy--not to mention fun. The hearts were a last minute addition, I just used a heart-shaped cookie cutter on thinly sliced melon to do the trick.

I think this "DAD" display will become tradition...I'll see what I come up with next year. If nothing else, watermelon will always be my fall back.

Friday, June 26, 2009

amy sue, i love you [defined]

When I was younger, one of my uncles would never just call me just Amy or Amy Sue, he insisted on calling me, "Amy Sue, I love you."

And that's the the origin of this blog's title as you may have previously concluded. "amy sue, i love you" the blog happens to co-exist with my Etsy shop of the same name. [yet to be established at this time]

I have had a private blog for over a year now, but I thought a blog that I could share with everyone seemed appropriate. So here it is trying to make a little dent in this world.

Thanks for perusing.