Saturday, June 27, 2009

happy dad's day just a sweeter way to say father.

In an effort to be creative about a Father's Day dinner [because the menu wasn't that impressive this year], I had the idea to write out "DAD" with whatever dinner or dessert we would be eating.

Before the big Dad-celebration, I was slicing watermelon and came up with this idea for my edible "DAD" display that I had envisioned being part of our menu. This was so easy--not to mention fun. The hearts were a last minute addition, I just used a heart-shaped cookie cutter on thinly sliced melon to do the trick.

I think this "DAD" display will become tradition...I'll see what I come up with next year. If nothing else, watermelon will always be my fall back.

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Natalie G. said...

So funny, because I couldn't tell that it said dad, I just thought you were being cute and artsy! Cute!