Saturday, July 25, 2009

flower pots for tots

This is a project from a couple years ago, and has been a hit ever since. It's one of those ideas I have that I think I could sell especially with a catchy title like [shhh...Pots for Tots], but then I think well, I made it, others could just as easily. So I'm sharing this idea with you, just in case you may be interested in making one yourself. After buying the huge flowers for a mere $5 each [on sale], I envisioned this idea a few months later. The idea is that the kids can "pick" the flowers, and when they're not playing with them they just look pretty sitting there. I can safely say the flowers are picked nearly everyday, and it's also easy clean-up because the kids know exactly where to put them [and bonus: it also challenges there eye-hand coordination].

I didn't crop the picture because I wanted you to have a reference of the size. It's bigger than your average terra cotta pot [but I'm sure any size will do, so long as the flowers are proportional to your pot]. I used some davy [book-binding] boards (I almost went with cardboard--practically free), 1"foam, and brown corduroy from old pants to create the "dirt".

If anyone would like more details on this, just leave a comment. [because this is in no way meant to resemble a tutorial]


Jayci said...

i think I remember these at your house - did you have them back when we were there?? I loved them! I still love them. :) You are so crafty! sooo fun. :D

Amy said...

Yes, I did. I made them when "we" were students I'm pretty sure you saw them at the Shrek party before you left. You are always the best at the commentary, Jayci!

Jenni said...

I love this idea and I'm definitely going to make one for my house (especially with two girls). Can you take a picture of the inside (dirt) of the pot? I don't quite get how the flowers fit in.