Sunday, July 26, 2009


Does anyone know why some pictures I post on my blog(s) will enlarge when you click on them, but others won't?

I can't make sense of it. I thought it might have to do with the cropping, but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it in my eye because some that are cropped enlarge and others don't, etc.

I could probably research this a little more in depth, but I figured if anyone out there [anyone at all] knew--they could just clue me in and save me the time, er-trouble. I'd love you forever.


Amy said...
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Jenni said...

I can answer this question. I have found that when you move, or change anything with pictures in the "compose" mode of publishing a post it in essence breaks your code so that the click to enlarge feature doesn't work (the hyperlink to the larger image doesn't work anymore). So if you add a picture and move it in the "Edit Html" mode of publishing by copy and pasting all the image code you won't have any problems. Or you can just not touch the image once you upload it in the "compose" mode of publishing.
Does that all make sense? Call me if it doesn't.

Jonathan said...

I was under the immpression that it depends on what size you load it as. If you load it as large then you can click on in it and have it become enlarged.

I am not sure if that is correct but that is what I think.

Jayci said...

I've had pictures work that I have edited, and others NOT work that I have edited... so it's always a gamble! it seems that when I change cameras or photo cards my computer has to readjust almost and get used to the coding again... I have NO idea. It's all so weird! I just always hope that they enlarge... but then only about 1/2 of them do anyway...

Amy said...

I load all my images as large and it still is sporadic on which ones enlarge and which ones don't.

Also, I use two different cameras as well. I'll try to take note if I'm having a similar issue (as you are Jayci).

And Jennin, you are always so I am going to pay more attention to if I move them or not. That makes a lot of sense to me...sort of.