Saturday, July 25, 2009


I would just like to say a few words on "brilliance." [not necessarily the kind of brilliance recognized world-wide, but more so personal moments of brilliancy] I have concluded that there are a lot of ingenious thoughts out there pertaining to...well, anything really. And these same strokes of genius can be experienced by individuals at different times. Do you follow?

Let me explain using an example from my own life.

[true story] I always thought that there should be one term to cover both "nieces and nephews." Because really saying "nieces and nephews" in conversation can be quite a mouthful. I thought about this for a couple of years, and then it hit me one day...nieces and nephews are really just your siblings' kids, they both start with n, why not niblings?

Pure genius, I thought. And thus, I "spread the word." My sister told me you could submit words online to Websters. And that is what I proceeded to do. She helped me word the definition just perfectly...

niblings, n. a non-gender specific term to use in reference to your siblings' children; nieces and nephews. [something like that]

I was so unbelievably excited to submit a word I invented, to share a moment of ingeniousness with the world...I clicked submit...only to find that at least 5 other people had already invented the same word with the same meaning.

It would seem that we can have an original thought...that may also be someone else's original thought. We can simultaneously be experiencing the same flickers of brilliance or inspiration.

With that said, I just want to say any original ideas I may share...could very easily be someone else's original idea, as well. There are a lot of minds out there thinking all the time, so I wouldn't be surprised. I will give credit where it is due. And I will take credit for any "originals" [even if I'm sharing it with multiple someones...unbeknownst to me].

I feel like this is turning into a disclaimer of some sort. Really, I just want to be honest. My Pots for Tots idea was an amy sue original...after I made the flower pot [previous post], I discovered a mini version made by Melissa & Doug at a local store one someone else already had the same brilliant idea and probably even before me. And I'm sure someone out there already has a little company named Pots for Tots. I do applaud their genius. [mostly because I feel it is a small reflection of my own lucky moment of inspiration]

I also applaud many other strokes of brilliance out there because we all learn and can be inspired by others.

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Jayci said...

I have thought this same thought as well! :oP while it has been thought before by someone else, every thought has to start somewhere... and perhaps in multiple places!! I think we were designed this way to help with pre-telephonic communications. :oP And yet... there are so many parts of the world that are much more underdeveloped than others (where are their original thoughts?!) ... minds and brilliance and inspirations are such interesting things to think about! :D I love that you wrote about it. I love thinking about these sorts of things. And niblings is an AWESOME word. Go Amy Sue!