Monday, August 24, 2009


I've just recently decided that skirts are a must to stay cool during the grueling summer days here in the Lone Star State. So I've added a few shorter length skirts to my weekly wardrobe [not just for Sundays anymore]. When I say short, I mean knee-length-ish, I don't like them too short...obviously for modesty reasons.

A friend of mine [JoMama], shared a link to an online store [like forever ago] that specialized in "skirt-extensions" [if you will], and I was in love with the idea, but not the price. So...about $8 later I had made this little number in minutes. I will be making more [eventually] different colors and fabrics. I think this will be an adorable addition to my daughter's wardrobe too.

Go ahead, try it! I dare you.


Jenni said...

I think you need to add a tutorial. I would love to have these as part of my wardrobe.

Amy said...

Jenni-it was so easy! I just cut the slip shorter than the skirt I wanted to wear it with. Took tulle and folded it in half (measuring it so it hung below my skirt). And then I scrunched the tulle while I sewed.

I would run out of tulle because I wasn't sure what length to do [since it was all scrunchy]...and I just took another folded piece and overlapped where I left off. I think I did this 3 times.

If anything was uneven when I tried it on, I just took the liberty to trim it where necessary.

Amy said...

I sewed around it twice, after the first time I wore it because it did come unstitched in a few places.

Jenni said...

That sounds simple enough. I'm going to have to give it a try. Thx!

Jayci said...

I have been holding on to dresses and skirts that are too short (just barely) b/c I have always planned on sewing lacey fabric to the bottom, or black satin or silk to it, like material from a slip or something that would blend well... I'm glad you've been successful in trying it!! ha ha I need to summon up my courage and just go for it. :P Put my short dresses to use again.

JoMama said...

My mom helped me make two extensions last year, but we made the entire slip. If we would have used your method of just attaching the bottom to an already existing slip it would have been better. And I hadn't thought of using it for KJ's dresses, that is a cute idea!