Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lord goring

"Fashion is what one wears oneself.
What is unfashionable is what other people wear."
-Lord Goring, from the movie An Ideal Husband

This quote always makes me feel better about my own personal style. [as "in" or "out" as it may be at times] I've never been unconfident in my style, but I realize there is always room for improvement especially when I take notice of friends [or blogs], who not only seem to be stylin' themselves, but their kids are as well.

btw-Have you seen this movie?
One of my favorites.


Jenni said...

Love this movie and love the quote.

Jayci said...

i'll have to look up that movie.. I want to say yes? but I don't think so, after all... if that makes ANY sense. :) love that quote too.

Amy said...

Jayci, I think you would remember this one if you saw it. It's that good. You will love the dialogue. And while we're at it, have you seen The Importance of Being Earnest? Love it just as much.