Wednesday, August 12, 2009

imagine mini me and mini you

My recent safari-an nesting doll purchase got me thinking that I could possibly design and paint my own set of Russian nesting dolls. So I "googled" to see where I could purchase a set. This set of 10 is sold at for $25, which seems reasonable, but shipping is $16 [most likely they're shipping from Russia at that price]. The sets are newly hand-made in Russia and made out of lime tree I'll also have to do my research on the best paint and techniques needed to complete this little family. [since I don't claim to be a painter]

You're welcome to join me on this crafting venture. I'd love to see your vision for your own personal set...think of the possibilities. I'm thinking a nativity for this set of 10 could result in charming. I also think my family in miniature Russian nesting form would be fun.

I'll keep you posted when I check this off the to-do list. [or if I come across any helpful tips in the process]

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dersley said...

Oh how cute. And I can't wait to see what you do with them.