Friday, August 28, 2009


I recovered a couch.
And not just a regular old couch.
A sectional.It made a world of difference.
Did I mention I was six months pregnant at the time?

Of course, I had a little help.

My sister recently had taken a reupholstery class and gave me a few pointers that I didn't find on the internet. And my husband was very helpful with the upholstery staple gun and stapling just where I told him to. And then of course, my daughter, SJ, not wanting to miss out on the action proved very handy with the hammer.

This probably was the biggest project I've ever taken on. Totally worth it though.

Reupholstery projects can only get easier from here, right?

So I'm here to tell you, it can be done.


Jayci said...

i was so impressed when I had seen it!! and it was way comfy too. :) it looks incredible!!

J and C said...

That is an amazing transformation! You were probably in crazy nesting mode for sure!

It was good to hear form you on our blog. I have tried to peek in on yours too. If you have any invites available I would love to see what you'all are up to and keep in touch. IF you want to our email in

(I was looking at another post below and it looks like you guys are living in Texas as well, I wonder where? We are in Fort Worth, if you guys are close by it would be fun to have you over to dinner or if you ever need to drop off a car for a flight out of Dallas, let us know.)


Sarah said...

Holy cow, Amy. That is amazing. I can't believe you actually recovered a sectional. I am in awe.

Julianne said...

Wow! How about sharing those tips not on the internet (please)?! I had no idea you had recovered that couch!