Monday, August 17, 2009

pixie holler

I'm not a fan of the "characters" being plastered on every imaginable, clothes, bedding, home decor, etc. There are always the exceptions to this rule. Recently, we've made a few of these exceptions. We've purchased Transformers shoes for my son because they were the only "summer" shoes available in the area.

Even more recently we purchased a backpack for my daughter. She wanted purple, and the only purple backpack close to her size had Tinker Bell on it. With the limited options, we went ahead and bought it [especially because she really liked it and that's what mattered].

On arrival home, I took a closer look at Tink. Now I know she has a cute figure and isn't ashamed to show it off...but this is a little ridiculous to be displayed on a little girl's backpack. Call me a prude, if you must...but I just didn't approve of Miss Bell flaunting herself like this on my daughter's backpack, so rather than returning it I decided to give her a makeover. And made the gal a little more modest...although I accidentally made her slightly more voluptuous in the process, but at least her "boops" [as my daughter would say] are covered.And since our options are limited in this area, I'm pretty sure my little sweetie wasn't going to be the only one sporting this backpack at school. So now, even though it's like the rest of them, it's not.

The title, you ask? My daughter calls Tinker Bell's home Pixie Holler instead of Pixie Hollow.


dersley said...

Oh my gosh. You are the cutest mom in the world. I 100% agree with you on the flaunting and am AMAZED at how you solved the dilemma. It looks so so cute.

(And when I say amazed I mean it in the super sweet sort of way, not the surprised sort of way. Since I certainly know you are the craftiest person to walk the planet)

Jayci said...

WOW... i think you made her PRETTIER than she was! I looove the sparkles and the whole outfit shebang. SO great!!

JoMama said...

I am a prude too...Go us!
Man, you have good ideas!

J and C said...

I agree with all of the above. I love what you did to the back pack. I think it is important that little girls and boys don't learn that this is how they should display themselves. Way to go!