Monday, August 3, 2009

recycled never looked so good

I fell in love with these beauties in the back-to-school aisle at Walmart.
And I purchased all 4 colors. [$3.50 a piece] I even went back for more adding polka-dot designs and geometric designs [not pictured] to my new collection.

The reason for the first four: 1) home "ideas" binder, 2) recipe binder, 3) to-do/ideas/project binder, and 4) a possible time management or business binder. The reason for purchasing four more: I just could envision them as awesome scrapbook binders and I had to get them before they were gone.

Check out for more designs. The site doesn't sell them, just tells you where to purchase them...Target has a nice selection as well.


Jayci said...

$3.50 a piece?!?! that is a steal.. :D i love the ideas for using them too.

Chelsea said...

Ha hahahhaa!!! I personally love this post because Sven grumbled as he moved AGAIN my idea make that idea BIN. My 3 binders turned into 6 along with all the clippings I have yet to add and organize!!! I hope to do that with my infinite time here at Altus and when I do I'll send you a picture!