Thursday, August 6, 2009

rubber bands

You know those "rubber" bracelets you get for free almost everytime you turn around? Our "collection" has included...

Motherhood: It's hot. - red band
LIVESTRONG - yellow band
[not actually free, but proceeds went to cancer research]
Deer Valley Concert Series - blue swirled w/ white band
Here's to the Heroes - camo band [pictured below]

I like to keep one handy in my kitchen utensil drawer, in case I ever come across a pickle jar I can't open. This band works on pretty much any jar, bottle, or glade plug-in cap I can't open. It's more accessible to keep on hand than my husband [my previous designated jar opener].

bonus: Wear this recycled piece on the go for any unforeseen jar-opening encounters. [wink]

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