Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the clue.

What could I possibly be doing with this color of paint?
What would you do with the color opulent?
Any takers?

{answer pending project completion}


Chelsea said...

I LOVE this color!!! I've been really hoping to do something orange and blue for Soren's new room... can't wait to see what you're going to do with it!!!

Beth B. said... is something that has to do with Autumn? And yes, did you notice it is letting me comment? Ta-da!

Amy Sue said...

Wahoo, Beth can comment! I am very excited.

I would say it doesn't necessarily have to do with autumn. I plan on displaying the finished project in our family room. {you know someday when we have one}

Amy Sue said...

I also think orange and blue would be awesome for a boy's room. Can't wait to see what creativity you have in store for us Chelsea.

Jayci said...

oooo so it's a product. ... ? i wonder!! maybe painting a frame for family portraits? or painting the letter "R" to display and then doing a second "R" for your dear friend Jayci? I wonder... ha ha! I'm excited to see it!