Monday, September 7, 2009

plain white t's

I'm a fan of Sesame Street. [always have been]

How can you not love those adorable, charming monsters trying to make you laugh or smile at every moment? Cookie monster's segment is always a favorite around here...although these days he has less screen time than he used to.

And the celebrity guest appearances are always fun [for me more so than for my kids].

One of our all-time favorite letter of the day segments is the Plain White T's song.

Totally worth it...guaran-teed.


Chelsea said...

We actually prefer this to the original. Been singing it all year My fav line is, "hey there that's Tina, she's a T wearing a tube top and a terrific tamoshanter".

Have you seen James Blunt singing "Triangle"?! It's awesome. I love that one too, along with Feist doing "1,2,3,4". I used to LOVE Chris Brown's song with Elmo - even Sven knew the words to that one...bit it just makes us sad now.

Gosh I've obessed about Sesame Street too much now. Soren got sick of it before I did. My family hated/loved that I was always singing their stuff. Sigh.

Amy said...

Yes, love the James Blunt triangle song. Just googled the Feist song and viewed it. :)

And I had to look up the Chris Brown song, but I had seen it. I just didn't know who he was. And even though he was the guy all over the headlines for beating up his girlfriend...his name didn't ring any bells until I googled him.

[Yeah, I don't watch the news always seems so depressing]