Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been all about sweepstakes lately. I don't know why. I just have been. Oh, and blog giveaways. Believe you me if I ever end up winning anything, I'll let you know unless it's a whole lot of money...maybe I'll tell you after it's spent. [wink]

Maybe you are right there with me on entering sweepstakes and voted at amazon.com on the Best Magazine Cover. Before even looking at any of the choices, I knew this was the most memorable magazine cover I'd seen in a long time. And so I voted for it. When it came to voting on the finalists, this cover almost slipped in with all that gray. And the texture! I found myself getting lost in the gray bliss of it all...that's just a poetic way to say I appreciate the work.

But I stuck with good ol' Tina.
"Fey all the way!"

[sorry, Parker]

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Jayci said...

that IS a really neat cover with Tina Fey. I love how it's vintage-esque.