Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wrap it up already

I am envisoning something like this around the house at Christmas time: So I have been saving boxes and boxes and boxes. [I feel like quite the hoarder, but it will all be worth it when they are all wrapped up in lovely paper and decked out in ribbon, and hanging there on the walls while that Christmas music plays...]

{scanned image from last year's Pottery Barn magazine}


Leslie said...

LOVE it!! I now envision something like this around my house as well ;)
thanks for sharing the PERFECT idea! You're the PERFECT friend :)

Jeralyn said...

oh, well, you're welcome to do mine while you're at it, being all clever and christmasy and all.

JoMama said...

What a cute idea!

Jordan is doing a wrapping paper fundraiser...now I know what to do with all that paper I am buying{now I want to buy even more wrapping paper}!! Your a life saver!

Jayci said...

wow I love it, Amy!!! I hope you can make us all a string of presents!! :P