Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So last night you may have seen us in attendance at a work Halloween party. I say may because you may not have recognized us.

That blonde scientist with the 'smokey eyes' peaking out from behind those Harry Potter glasses, who kept calling herself Dr. Vanna von White [pronounced vite] in various accents, that was me. And the tall guy in the scrubs with the orange '70s hair, who kept using accents as well and using the alias Dr. von Weird [that, most definitely, was my main man]. And Toy Story's Woody and Jesse were there as well, although you may have guessed by now...those were our very own little cowhands.

And just in case you or a cleverly disguised you missed this event, just know that you also missed the best mad scientisty-themed room...pretty much EVER. And that mad scientisty-themed room did snag the pizza party! Hmmm...I wonder who the mastermind was behind that clever theme?

Well, I'll admit it was me, although I did take a few pointers from Ms. Martha. But I may have outdone her [just a little bit]. [insert menacing mad scientist laugh here]

Now I bet your curious? Unfortunately, it is undocumented. But I will attempt to share a few of my favorite details in a post to come. Until then...[insert mad scientist laugh again]


J and C said...

Did you not take any pics? I am so sad! I may have to check the other blog... I hope there are pics!

Jayci said...

NO PICTURES?!?! AMY. That's CRUEL!! But then again.. you're probably doing your mad scientist laugh... ;)