Friday, November 13, 2009

apple pie [without the pie]

Once tasting the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's apple pie caramel apple [a few years back], I was sold...for sure on the taste, but not the price. So I decided to set out on my own gourmet caramel apple experiment...but not without research.
[from the 2007 experiment gourmet apples pictured: smores, oreo, white fudge oreo, and apple pie]

Yes, I google...which led me to some great recipes for this experiment. I found a ton of recipes here. And made up some varieties. But the caramel apple pie recipe I found is by far my favorite, I even gifted them one Christmas to friends and neighbors...I like to imagine they were an affordably tasty big hit.

Since this experiment was a couple years back, I don't recall where I found the replicated recipe originally. I did google again, and I found others which are basically the same recipe. But rather than linking, I'll just share the basics here.

Gourmet Apple Pie Caramel Apples

Caramel (I prefer the Concord's Apple, so easy)
Granny Smith Apples
Melted White Chocolate
Cinnamon Sugar mixture (you can mix your own or buy it pre-mixed)1) I just follow the instructions for the caramel wraps.

2) After the caramel apples have cooled slightly, I swirl melted white chocolate around them.

(I did recently see Ms. Martha adding vegetable oil to her melted white chocolate to make it spread easier for some white chocolate suckers, so I think adding oil might make the chocolate easier for dipping rather than spooning and swirling it on...but I haven't tested it yet.)

The white chocolate is NOT going to look perfect, but the cinnamon sugar mixture disguises it. And in the end no one will think twice about it's appearance.

3) Shake or spoon the cinnamon sugar mixture on.

4) Allow to set. Refrigeration helps speed up this process.

5) Once the white chocolate is set (by this I mean, firm), I like to place them in a decorative cupcake holder, wrap them up in cellophane, and tie them all up with a festive ribbon.

The gourmet-ish possibilities are really endless. Try candy bars, candy, trail mix, dried fruit, cookies, and drizzle with chocolate to keep everything in place. But try the apple pie [without the pie].

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Jayci said...

great idea for holiday gifts!!!