Wednesday, November 18, 2009


...Pampers to be specific.

I love their Gifts to Grow program. With each diaper purchase you make, you get points to earn merchandise. But that's not why I love it, I've never used my points toward merchandise. I love it because Pampers teamed up with Unicef and now I get the opportunity to donate all my points toward vaccines.

1 point=1 vaccine

One box of Pampers alone is 6 points. Do the math...that's 6 vaccines donated to women and children in under-privileged countries through Unicef.

Since they started offering this as part of the program [last year, maybe?], I'm pretty sure I've donated well over 70 vaccines. I, by no means, am bragging...just happy to make a difference somewhere out there...and with diapers even, who would have thought?


Jayci said...

that is awesome!!! how do you get in on the program? I like pampers.

Amy Sue said...

You just go to and create an account. Then, just find those points in your newly purchased diaper box...they're usually fairly easy to locate.

trishplus2 said...

Hi Amy. My name is Pattie and I work for Pampers. I was so excited to come across your blog. Thanks for your support for our Pampers Gifts To Grow "Unicef Lifesaving Vaccines." I'm happy to do the bragging for you!

Dan said...

hey! I do the gifts to grow and I've never used my points, i'm pretty sure I have over 100, I didn't know they donated vaccines though, good to know!! I've never been too excited about any of the rewards so that would be an excellent thing to do with them! thanks!