Thursday, November 19, 2009


so i'm at it again...hoping to win something fabulous, that is.

obviously, i haven't won anything...yet...[remember i said i would let you know if i ever did]...but maybe. just maybe. i would be so lucky to display christmas cheer at its comfy-coziest with this giveaway.

p.s. i love marta writes. where this giveaway is taking place. i don't know her personally, but i totally dig her posts. especially the posts about good ol' idaho. love that state. you should go. to idaho. someday.

actually, i was really going to say you should go enter this giveaway. too. for yourself. i would be happy if you won. even if that means i didn't. 'tis the season.

p.p.s. this post is done in true. marta writes. fashion.

p.p.s.s. whatever that post script is supposed to be. i just went back and looked at the fine print. i'm supposed to link to gracie lane. the etsy shop. so you should check that out. after you enter the giveaway. n'kay?


marta said...

loved this.
you made me laugh.

Jayci said...

nice fashion. :D and you got a marta shout out!! You are so fun, Amy!! "tis the season." I think i'm going to say


to Marta's comment. You made me laugh.

Amy Sue said...

how cool is that. made my day. [both your comments]