Saturday, November 21, 2009


I saw a centerpiece similar to this in the pottery barn kids catalog. Of course, this is my own version with a few modifications... I used a basket instead of an oval metal container. I was really happy to find anything that even remotely resembled a ship, so when I came across this basket at Ross for only $9 I was quite pleased with the find.
Pottery barn's version also had sails the same size with embroidered brown stitching around the edges. I wanted mine to look more like the actual Mayflower, which is why I went with different-sized sails. I would have used square napkins [to make it really simple], but in an effort to save money I just dug into my sewing materials and used an old white sheet.

I may still embroider the edges. I think a simple, elegant script reading 'thankful' in the bottom right corner of the front sail might be the perfect, personal touch to this Thanksgiving centerpiece.

note: I think a centerpiece this large would be a little difficult to converse through at the dinner itself, that is, if your table is I would recommend a smaller version or just displaying it elsewhere [I think displaying it on the front step would be a great way to welcome guests for the holiday].


Jayci said...

AMY I love this. Can I copy everything you do?!?! ha ha - I am so excited for big Thanksgiving dinners at my own home some day, where I can make things like this and have my kids imagine all sorts of fun things about injuns and pilgrims. I love this SO SO much. Someday, I will do this. :)

dersley said...

Love this! So Cute.

Natalie Gottwald said...

Love it!!! I love coming to your blogs!!!

JoMama said...

Amy Sue. I. Love. You.
This is cute!