Tuesday, November 17, 2009

self. portraits.

I'm getting my smokey on. sort of. Okay, my eyes don't look THAT smokey, and they're definitely not as smokey as Dr. Vanna von White [pronounced vite]...but you'll never be able to compare due to undocumentation.

But here I am trying to document my attempts at the smokey eye...which reminds me have you done a self-portrait photo session lately? I think they can be such a riot, as you can clearly see.

[sweet and smokey]

[puckered. you have to do puckered.]
[an amysueiloveyou wink.]

[that last one's for you kimbabwe...because I know you would laugh and laugh, and I can imagine you winking back in similar fashion]


Leslie said...

well, those are some smokin' hot eyes!!!!

Jayci said...

Amy you're lookin' GOOD!!! love the make-up, lady! In fact, I tried the smokey eyes the other day, and even in my pajamas mark said, "wow, look at you!!" ha ha! I love your hair cut, too! smokin' smokin'!!

JoMama said...

Hey Hottie where you been so long! I love your hair and your face and your wink.