Monday, December 14, 2009

Dan in Real Life

Recently, I flipped through the tv channels wanting to find some quick know something that wasn't too long or involved so I'd get to bed at a decent hour, but not wanting to go to bed too early...I saw that Dan in Real Life was on. I love this movie. I actually own it.

It was at the part where the family is singing about Ruthie 'pig face' Draper. I watched until the next commercial break...and I just had a hankering to watch instead of watching it on tv like my parents would do [even when they owned the movies]. I got out our DVD and watched Dan in Real Life in its entirety, which resulted in the late night I was trying to avoid, but totally worth it.

I love the strong sense of family in this movie.  I love their little traditions and the activities they do to keep the family involved: the family talent show, the cross-word puzzle competition, the 'aerobics class,' and the football game. Just love it all plus it makes me laugh every time.


JoMama said...

I like that movie too!

The Girl Creative said...

I LOVE that movie!! The whole thing is hilarious! I love the sense of family too - big family holidays - one giant sleepover. Love it. :)

Jayci said...

such a good flick!! :D woohoo for Dan in Real Life! "just put it on my tab." "what's that?" "jush pud it en ma tabb." Mark and I use that one a lot.

Jose Solis said...
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