Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The only pair of sunglasses I have ever truly loved with all my heart. ...fell into a yet-to-be-used toilet at the San Antonio airport on the 3rd of November, and even though I have washed them and sanitized them, I still have not had the heart [or the guts] to put them on.

I will be emersing them in a bleach/water combo for one last desperate attempt to save them [in my eyes; they may already be saved in yours]. I realize people drop cell phones and keys in toilets all the time, and continue to use them if they work...oh, if I could be so brave.

I will. But if you happen to see me wearing them...let's just keep it on the down-low. m'kay?


Leslie said...

you crack me up!!! Shane was bathing the kids in the TLF bathtub a few weeks bacK. I walked in and saw Matthew's toothbrush floating around the tub. I was grossed out and went to toss it - Shane protested I just wash it. But, I know I would only see it floating in the filthy tub when I picked it up to use & never brush Matthew's teeth with it again anyway. :)

I guess this means no more tea parties at the Rogers's house then... ever??!

Amy Sue said...

I don't mind the tea parties at friends' homes, so long as the water source is legit. ;)

It's the public rest rooms that get to me a little. But in the airport bathroom's defense, it did look very clean.

Leslie said...

I can't guarantee anything (when Sierra's hosting the party)

I hope to see you wear them again one day... they are a nice pair of glasses on you. I love that pict of you too btw - could be an

JoMama said...

if I happen to see you wearing them, I will keep it on the down low, while throwing up in mouth. But I do understand sometimes you have to save things no matter how gross they make you feel on the inside.

Laura Lynn said...

I just ran into your blog - totally cute! I think your glasses are okay. It sounds like they've been sterilized pretty well. If it makes you feel any better, they are probably a lot more sterile than any restaurant food you've ever I'm going to be thinking of that when I go out to dinner tonight..uhg!
I'll be back to check in, thanks!

Jayci said...

blah! I feel the same way you do. But I think you should wear them again. They are saved. :) Just don't think about it. hahah!! You are hilarious. AND clean. I will not hold this against you. HAHA!