Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've had my one good eye on these stockings over at PBKids. Part of me wants to duplicate them, in the future, at a more affordable price...putting my mad sewing skills to use.

And part of me wants to just snatch them up while they're on sale for $14.99 and shipping is free. And have them here in time for Christmas.

And another part of me is hoping that they will still be in stock after Christmas...and that the price will be even less.

[and I'm kidding about that 'one good eye' bit]

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Jayci said...

I hope you make them!! I'm already excited to see them and how they turn out. :) I've been working on Mark's dang Christmas stocking for like 2 years now and it's still not done!! ha ha! Maybe next year.. at least Mont's is done (thanks to my mother!)