Monday, January 11, 2010

go green

I'm sure you are just as aware as I am about the need to be more environmentally responsible. And we all know one small way we can do our part.

Reusable shopping bags

...which you may already have and use, so this is no news to you. But I had yet to make the change to reusable shopping bags. My reasons were silly, really. I was looking for that heavy-duty, yet affordable tote that I could maybe put a personal touch to. And I really didn't want to be a walking advertisement for any particular store. [See, silly] Months were going by, and I wasn't seeing anything I liked or could afford that fit my criteria.

Then I decided I didn't need to have that 'ideal' at this time. So I kept my eyes open for an affordable, yet nice looking bag. And while I was in Utah for the holiday, I saw these bags at a local grocery store. [Although it took me two trips eyeing them before I decided to purchase them] Totally worth the dollar a piece I spent, and I've only used them once. They're easier to carry than paper and hold more than plastic. Plus I felt good inside.

Check out for more info, color options, and for a retailer request form (that is, if youd like to purchase something similar at a retailer near you).


JoMama said...

one of my concerns of no longer having plastic bags? What will I wrap up dirty diapers in before putting them in the garbage?! I don't know.
And really TWO trips before deciding? Your a girl after my own heart!

Amy Sue said...

Well, you don't have to use them everytime. When you need more plastic bags, just go to the store without the reusuable ones. Or just toss the diapers in the trash like I do. Is that wrong?

I like to get paper bags when I get groceries just so I have them available for projects for myself and my kids.

Jayci said...

I love paper bags for projects too - something so 'homegrown' about carrying groceries home in paper bags (for that, I love Commissary shopping). But I have reusable bags too! I love them. I use them for lots of things other than shopping as well.. They're so sturdy! Mine are black fred meyer bags with gold squares with grocery pictures in each of the four little squares. .... I'm a walking advertisement.. I love the colors you have!