Saturday, January 16, 2010

happily better after

If you enjoy before/after shots of projects out there as much as I'll definitely enjoy dropping by Better After once in awhile.

I find many of these projects very inspiring. And what's even better about Better After is there are usually always links to the original projects, which usually are accompanied by basic how-to's, which could come in handy for some of our own future projects.

One of my favorite projects I found on Better After was Kirsty's Kitchen Refab. And she tells you exactly how she does it...which I may be referencing sometime in the future.


Leslie said...

yes, that was fun to look at. I love black and white myself (as I usually paint all my furniture black & SIerra's white :) SO, you need to post something about your awesome headband w/ the flower you made that I saw you wearing today. Too cute!

Jayci said...

I liked looking at that TOO! what a fun (time consuming probably, though!!) project to do. And so rewarding. Getting to use such a fun space all the time. I just reorganized my book shelf downstairs because I got this huge new YELLOW Van Gogh art book and I just had to fit it in somewhere. I ended up 'refabing' the whole thing. I LOVE PROJECTS (a little too much..).