Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've heard rumors that you could make your own powdered sugar. Of course, I never had the need to make any powdered sugar, as I usually had it on hand. But one Sunday afternoon, I decided to make two recipes, both of which required powdered sugar, unfortunately I only had enough powdered sugar to complete one of the recipes. And I just wouldn't run to the store and get some, being Sunday and all.

Bit of a dilemma, really. But then I thought I'd look into this I googled how to make powdered sugar. And chuckled at some of the how to's that popped up as google was trying to guess what I was getting at.

And then after the results popped up, I made me some powder.
true story.

I only tell you this in case you are ever in a similar sitch. [yeah, I just shortened situation like can do things like that these days, afterall it is 2010.]


Leslie said...

that's it!? That's all it is??? Strange...and interesting. Did it work?

Thx for the info :)

Amy Sue said...

It worked.

Jayci said...

"sitch" reminds me of the cartoon "Kim Possible" - which I secretly like to watch on occasions. :) ONLY because it has Christy Carlson Romano who I used to watch on Even Stevens... HILARIOUS Shia LeBeouf oooh my. Off track. Back to the subject. This is really interesting! I would not have thought that granulated sugar could be so easily crushed! That is neat. :) Thanks for the future tip. I love this blog of yours!