Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the answer

So....back in October, was it? I gave you the clue...And you were given a chance to guess what I might possibly be doing with that color...well, I finally got around to the project's completion...and so now for the long-awaited answer...A giant ruler. [Would you ever have guessed?]

I saw a similar 6 foot ruler in PBKids, only their version was $99. This cost me around $30 including paint, board, and vinyl lettering. [And I have a whole extra foot, just in case, my son, DJ continues to rock the height charts.]

I was going to paint the lines and letters on [to save money], and I actually did paint the lines on once...only to find out my hand-made template was actually a few centimeters off which obviously made for wrong measurements. [rookie mistake] So after a couple more coats of opulent to cover the mistake, I decided vinyl lettering [at approx. $9] would be the better/easier choice.

This will be a fun display piece for future family rooms or play rooms. And since we'll have our share of moving, it will serve as a portable "door frame" to track the kids' growth.

noted for future reference: if I'm going to give a clue, I'll make sure I complete the project before actually sharing the clue...just in case, I take my sweet time finishing the project [again].


Beth B. said...

I LOVE it! Where did you buy your vinyl?

Chelsea said...

opulent does make a great color for a ruler!! who knew? and such a great idea!

Amy Sue said...

I bought the vinyl from scribbleitonline.com. One of my friends had the link on her blog, so I tried 'em.

Jeralyn said...


Jayci said...

AAAAMYYYY!!! Can you make me one?! Or can I just copy you?! I'm serious... I really REALLY love the idea of a "portable door frame." That is the perfect name for it. :) Can I be a copycat on this one?? OOOHH! If you make me one I'll do a peter pan thing for you (or any picture you want!) haha - bartering is not my strong suite.