Wednesday, February 10, 2010

have a heart.

So I got SJ really, really excited about decorating for Valentine's Day...only to dig through the holiday decor and find fake rose pedals and darling little heart doiles to don our house.

For some reason, I thought we had more decor for this little sweetheart's day... [well, we have a few more pieces, but they're always on display]

Anyway, SJ was happy to tape the doily hearts on all the doors and our front window, but I've been on a mission to add a little more decor to our stash for next year. So I mod-podged this old chocolate box...finally. [embarrassingly enough it's been sitting around for a year] And came up with 2 cute hearts to display [by using both the lid and box].
I've also found some inspiration over at Dear Lizzy: lovelovelove and la la love you. Just wish I had a store nearby that sells X's and O's.

I'll be sharing what I'm totally digging over at PBKids tomorrow...if you're interested.


Mandie said...

That is way cute, you are very talented! We are also lacking in the Valentine deco dept., so I bought a bunch of felt to make these:
Sorry, I don't know how to make nifty links. Anyway, you should check them out, they're way cute! And...mine may have to wait until next year, but I do have the stuff!

Amy Sue said...

The garland is way cute. I may have to make it too. I've seen the idea to make ruffles and roses out of felt and actually have some pink circles cut...just wasn't sure where I was going with them...maybe I'll head this direction. ;) Thanks, Mandie!

Jayci said...

I wish you were my neighbor.... "won't you be my neighbor?" in the words of a wise sweater-wearing man.