Friday, February 12, 2010


My sister, K-Rock, rocks! She sent me a little heart-shaped treat in the mail. This was literally the sweetest surprise ever.
Let me give you a little background: I love Red Vines Red Ropes. Love them. Always have. But I haven't had any for years because I haven't been able to find them locally or online. And it's not just where I live, but where all my many family members live [or have lived] across these United States.

Another sister Kimbabwe even contacted the company...and they told her they're still available. But none of us have been able to locate these red ropes.

...until now.

Even though they're heart-shaped, they still have the same rockin' taste I've been missing forever. On behalf of my taste buds, I thank you, K-Rock, from the bottom of my heart.

p.s. happy birthday

p.p.s. they are already gone...feel free to send more.


Jenni said...

Whenever I see a bag of red ropes I always think of you. And it seems like I see them often.... next time I see a bag I will buy it and send it to you.

Amy said...

You are so sweet.

If you do spy the ropes, let me know where so I can be sure to stop by when I am in the area. :)

Jayci said...

Red Ropes are the GREATEST. They remind me of road trips with my family. Me and my dad were the only ones who would eat them because my poor little sister was/is allergic to red dye and my mom told her she'd give it up to make it easier on her. psh - I'm not that nice. :P So me and my dad were the red ropers!