Tuesday, April 20, 2010

yard sales

I don't really do yard sales, but I think I might start it up. Originally, I thought I'd just do yard sales to get inexpensive furniture that I could slab on a coat of paint and make it a great piece. I'm so inspired by you all out there who do this and share your before/afters.

I might keep my eyes open for old dresses too, the kind I never would have thought twice about until viewing the blog...New Dress A Day. Guarantee you'll be inspired to look into second hand after you see what she comes up with.


Katie Lane said...

Humm.. I'm in the market for a dresser. Yard sales might be a great idea - Thanks!!

Jayci said...

So fun! I plan on yardsaling it up this summer too. :) I'm a goin' fishin'. That's from a movie (I can even say it like the character) but I can't think of what from. haha - keep US all inspired by YOUR before and afters. :)