Sunday, February 13, 2011

felt flower balls [or bouquets]

Once upon a time a pb kids catalog found its way into my hands and since that moment I have forever been inspired by the decor, but not the price. Yes, this story has been told many times before on this blog.

I introduce the new [and awesome] decor hanging in my daughter's room. This story has been in development for over a year now. I had the idea in my head to hang flower bouquets from the ceiling, after seeing pb kids' lucy hanging bouquets [below]. This past December, I happened upon homemade ginger's felt flower tutorial, and I instantly knew the felt flowers would make thee perfect flower ball/bouquets that I wanted for SJ's room.
I set out to the store and bought yards of felt, ribbon, styrofoam balls, hot glue sticks, hardware to hang the bouquets from and went to December.
Went to work: Cutting, rolling, and glueing hundreds of felt flowers. And then glueing those hundreds of felt flowers to styrofoam balls.
And now I have these lovelies hanging in her room [finally]. And I have plans to make more. I think the cluster of 5 could use 2 more. And the lone ranger above her bed at the moment [below] could use, at least, 2 more [at least].
I'm in love and enjoying this happily ever after.


Leslie said...

you know what...I like yours even BETTER, truly I do. I would like to place my order now ;)

the pictures made my heart skip just from looking at the beautiful creation & amazed I actually know the creator - it's kind of exciting! Like "wow! those are amazing! Awesome, I'm friends w/ that girl!". Nicely done!

Jayci said...

they look SO amazing, Amy!! They DO look way better than pb. If you sold those ... I'd buy them! Haha - but since you don't (yet!), I will have to learn how to make them. Yes yes... maybe they can be a summer-time taker for me. :) I also LOVE the muted colors you chose - my favorites... awww i LOVE THEM.

Marian said...

ahhhhhhhh!!!! they turned out so amazing. i love, love, love how it came together. you are amazing. seriously.

Jeralyn said...

Darling. DAR.LING.
You are So stinkin' Creative!

Cheryl said...

I agree- YOURS look better than the pb- by far!

Mandie said...

I agree too, yours are way cuter than pb's! Those might have to go on my someday project list, darn. That's saying something, cuz only the best gets put on that list nowadays! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can make them for my daughters room? Absolutely beautiful would love to buy them from you!