Saturday, February 12, 2011

sneak peek

This is what I dreamed up and have been working on since December. Not just the one. I have 6 completed and hanging. And would have finished the 7th [plus more] had I not run out of felt.

Oh, I'm so excited to share this project! I have more pictures coming. So stay tuned...if you'd like. [absolutely no pressure]

Meanwhile, this is the view from my daughter, SJ's pillow. Pretty sure, she will have sweet dreams with this sweetness hanging above her.


Jayci said...

WOW - I want to barter with you. Wanna swap something? :) haha I'll cook you dinner and you can make me one. How about it? ;) I LOVE IT!

Beth B. said...

Love it!! I made a wreath out of those felt flowers. I am in love with them. I really like them on the spheres too. That color is so pretty!!

Leslie said...

Love, love LOOOVEEE ITTTTT!!!! Oh seriously all the cutting, rolling, & guleing...buying more felt & then doing it all over again - really paid OFF!!!! Might be one of my favorite creations Amy Sue. Can't wait to see it hung in her room!

Amy said...

Jayci, yes let's barter. :)

Beth, I'm in love with them as well.

Leslie, come on over!! It is one of my favorite creations as of late. :)