Saturday, September 24, 2011

Up in the Air

Tried my hand at paper mache'. And...

6 hot air balloons [dispersed among 3 rooms] and
1 giant letter D later...

I finally have some decor up in my little guys'room. Here's a sampling of my work...
I made the giant monogram D out of a baby gate card board box. I love it. Right now, I like the solid color on it even if the imperfections are way noticeable. I think it just adds character. In the future I may mod podge aerial maps or book pages on it and then stain it because I really did like the artsy look of the paper mache'd newspapers before I painted it [and it hid the dents a little more].

The plane [Hobby Lobby] will have a banner attached to it soon...trailing behind it and curving around the corner of the room [not pictured]. I'm undecided on the actual inspirational words...but I guess I can always change it up as I see fit.

I'll have to post pictures of the other hot air balloons floating above the crib. And the Petit Collage Transportation print I now have displayed in the room.

I just love how this all is coming together [and on a budget].

[And I believe this post meets my monthly quota...I'm on a roll with my whopping one post per month, but I am totally okay with that.]