Wednesday, November 9, 2011

mini mayflowers

Last year for the Thanksgiving kids' table I made mini mayflowers as the place holders. I sewed little ship-shaped felt covers to slip around the pumpkin muffins I baked. I added chocolate frosting to match the ship frame. Then I stuck a sucker stick in the middle, added a white sail with the names printed on them and placed on their plates.

They were a hit with the kids. I think I'll do the same thing again this year except I might add two smaller sails to make it more Mayflower-ish.

And yes, my larger version of the Mayflower is on display this month. As much as I'd love it at the "grown-up" table on display during the feast, it is rather large and would most likely interfere with the stimulating conversation that is sure to be had. So it will probably be displayed next to the desserts.