Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Stockings

...were made [in the 2 days prior to Christmas] and hung by the fireplace with care.

Alas, I could not afford the hefty PBKids stocking price tag...not even on sale. Even the price at Target was a little too much...even at 30% off before Christmas. But we needed stockings...well, we didn't need them.

I still had the 3 stockings we've been making due with since my husband and I were first married. Two of them are knit and just don't hold a pretty shape at all when stuffed. [lesson learned] And the other was from a gift exchange where it cozily fit two ornaments. And there was always the option to use two of Daddy's socks to give us 5. [I actually did that growing up once or twice.]

So my solution...was to sew them. I didn't make it to the fabric store. Instead I bought a $10 table cloth at Target and a $4 placemat. And made my own pattern tweaking it from the stockings I already had on hand. I cut the placemat up...placed the pieces like so. Added some of that awesome pom-pom-ish ribbon. Sewed them all up and then took a random khaki colored sheet I had on hand to sew the liners.

So...I got all five stockings for under $20 [including the hook ribbon and pom-pom ribbon]. And I love them...even though they are not entirely perfect.


Marian said...

love them!!! i am constantly amazed by you!! you are pretty much just awesome. i love that they are all a little different. great job!

Jayci said...

whatever do you mean? they are TOO entirely perfect!!! WELL DONE. :) i love them!

JoMama said...

Love them!