Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rockin' Love

Years ago a good friend of mine had found a kid's rocking chair at a garage sale for $4 and she fixed it up and made it into a really great piece of furniture for her living room.  I loved that it was functional (for the little ones) and yet decorative.  So I had been on the look-out for one of my own ever since.  

I found this rocking chair at a garage sale last summer for $5.  I was so excited for its potential and felt like I was getting a steal for what I planned to do with it.  Here it is as I purchased it...

And here it is now...

It is serving as a decorative, yet functional piece of furniture in my own living room.

I just happened to find the exact-sized wooden dowel I needed in my garage (left by the previous owners) to replace the missing one.  I lightly sanded, primed, and then painted two coats of Valspar's Fired Earth in semi-gloss on this baby (rocker).  And the end result is this rockin' piece of beauty now sitting all cozily next to the fire place.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mini Loaf Pan Liners

I love baking breads in my mini loaf pans. I have never particularly enjoyed the clean-up. [if you can imagine]

I always wished they had little mini loaf liners readily available, so I could pick them up at the store when I stock up on muffin liners.  I have yet to see an actual mini loaf liner out there.  [I haven't been too diligent in my search.]  After years of spraying my pans and sometimes scratching the bottoms when getting the bread out, I finally figured out to just use two cupcake/muffin liners.

I use two liners to a loaf.  I press one side down on each liner.  And it has worked perfectly with the liners I use.

Clean-up is easy.

Plus I am excited to deliver loaves similar to this to friends and neighbors--all tucked-up neatly in cute printed liners.

post edit:  I actually did come across mini loaf liners at our local Walmart in the wedding/party section, but I still think this technique is just as effective.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Old Glory Wreath

This is another project I owe to my pinterest feed.  With pinterest if it's obvious to me on how to do it, I rarely click on over for a tutorial.  Sometimes I do, but not this time around...just wrap a wreath in yarn. [seemed easy enough]  

A few hints on how I did mine though...

I painted the wreath blue and white.  I skipped the red mostly because I didn't think it was necessary.  Painting at all isn't necessary, but with the white especially I didn't have to be perfect about closing the gaps on what would have been a green wreath.

I just tied the yarn end to end. I didn't even use a glue gun for this.

I marked out the width of my stripes beforehand.  I wanted there to be 13 stripes, 7 red and 6 white, just like Old Glory. They didn't need to be exact for me, just close enough.

I still want there to be 50 stars [or a fraction].  I know what I will use now for the stars.  I figured it out before the Fourth of July, but didn't have time to run to the store to purchase them.  So I'll wait until next year to add them...but I'll tell you now though.  [pearly pins]

I have seen friends use buttons which are really cute.  And I tried tying little white knots on a blue strand of yarn...that was time consuming and didn't look as good as I imagined. But I happened to have a pearly pin on hand and I loved the look of it...unfortunately, I didn't have 49 more or I would have posted it adorned with pearls.

Maybe I'll post it sooner than next year.  With pins.  And then you can pin it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Front Door Wreath: A Makeover

I've had this particular wreath for at least 10 years now.  This was the first picture I found of it in its "before" state.


It's been donning my door since before I was married and if you can imagine, it was looking a little aged, had lost a few apples, a few leaves, and the fake berries were being pecked off by birds.  I thought a little spray paint might do just the trick to perk it up a bit. 

And it did. [nailed it, even]

 I can't believe how much more it brightens my day seeing it hanging there on my front door.   

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I recall...

...sharing a picture of two of the hot air balloons I hung up in my boys' room.  But I don't think I shared a picture of the one I hung in my daughter's room.    

So here it is... 

[I left the door hinge in the picture as a size reference.]

And if I do the math...which I did, in my head just now, I still have three to share. [yeah, that means I made six...a way long time ago...being last year...but they're still new to you.]

Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Sweet

Actually, it's for SJ.  
But she's sweet too.  
So either way it works.

I know it kind of seems obvious just sew buttons on fabric in the letter, number, or design of your choice.  But I came up with some tricks, since I didn't have a tutorial to go by [just images I'd seen] and I thought I'd share.

Here's a little how to...for you.

After finding the fabric and bulk buttons (found mine on etsy) in my color of choice...
I went to work.

I printed the letter in the size and font I wanted.  I used Photoshop because I was able to get the entire length of the page and print it without any of the letter getting cut off in the process.  I printed two copies.

I hot glued around one of my printed letters.  This helped keep my buttons from slipping and it helped form the edges really well.  I filled in the rest from there placing the buttons where I felt they fit or looked best.

I took my second copy of the letter and taped it to freezer paper. Then I took an exacto knife and cut ever so carefully around the letter.

I ironed the freezer paper to my fabric.[I did iron on a scrap piece previous to this step just to make sure it would work without leaving any marks.]

I went to work sewing buttons into place.  I did have an embroidery hoop but I don't know it was entirely necessary since I had the freezer paper, but I felt like I needed to use it since I bought it specifically for this purpose.

I felt like the project as a whole really went smoothly with all the steps I took to make this easy.

And now for the final product...framed and hung...

The Letter S

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Shamrockin' Garland

A friend of mine made a March wreath decked out in four-leaf clovers. I loved the look of them. So I used the same tutorial from pinterest that she used...only I made a shamrock garland that I thought would be the perfect addition to my St. Patrick's decor. [actually, this is now my only piece of St. Patty's decor]

I love the look of it so much...it is still up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I thought this blog could use a little more love...especially on this loverly holiday.

I'm sharing the latest addition to my Valentine decor. I purchased the paper mache' letters at JoAnn's. First, I painted the letters in the color to match the yarn, and then I ever so carefully (hot) glued the yarn to the X to keep the yarn looking mostly straight as I wrapped (they took forever), and then I went back and added another layer (which I did not glue as diligently as they rested in the grooves of the first layer). The O's went rather quickly, I glued on the curves when needed to keep the yarn from slipping.

The idea for wrapping the letters with yarn came via a pinterest image I came across. And I've been wanting to add X's and O's to my decor for a few years now...and here they are. I am kind of in love with the finished product.

Also, I was curious to know more about how XOXO came to mean hugs and kisses...so I checked it out at wikipedia. Did you know that the use of X to signify a kiss dates back to 1765? [according to my source] Hopefully, you'll find this post inspirational as well as educational.