Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I thought this blog could use a little more love...especially on this loverly holiday.

I'm sharing the latest addition to my Valentine decor. I purchased the paper mache' letters at JoAnn's. First, I painted the letters in the color to match the yarn, and then I ever so carefully (hot) glued the yarn to the X to keep the yarn looking mostly straight as I wrapped (they took forever), and then I went back and added another layer (which I did not glue as diligently as they rested in the grooves of the first layer). The O's went rather quickly, I glued on the curves when needed to keep the yarn from slipping.

The idea for wrapping the letters with yarn came via a pinterest image I came across. And I've been wanting to add X's and O's to my decor for a few years now...and here they are. I am kind of in love with the finished product.

Also, I was curious to know more about how XOXO came to mean hugs and kisses...so I checked it out at wikipedia. Did you know that the use of X to signify a kiss dates back to 1765? [according to my source] Hopefully, you'll find this post inspirational as well as educational.