Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I thought this blog could use a little more love...especially on this loverly holiday.

I'm sharing the latest addition to my Valentine decor. I purchased the paper mache' letters at JoAnn's. First, I painted the letters in the color to match the yarn, and then I ever so carefully (hot) glued the yarn to the X to keep the yarn looking mostly straight as I wrapped (they took forever), and then I went back and added another layer (which I did not glue as diligently as they rested in the grooves of the first layer). The O's went rather quickly, I glued on the curves when needed to keep the yarn from slipping.

The idea for wrapping the letters with yarn came via a pinterest image I came across. And I've been wanting to add X's and O's to my decor for a few years now...and here they are. I am kind of in love with the finished product.

Also, I was curious to know more about how XOXO came to mean hugs and kisses...so I checked it out at wikipedia. Did you know that the use of X to signify a kiss dates back to 1765? [according to my source] Hopefully, you'll find this post inspirational as well as educational.



Beth B. said...

I Love them! So cute!

Sarah said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I love it, and thank you for the insight on XOXO. My kids were asking me why that stood for hugs and kisses, and all I did was mumble something incoherent. At least you went at looked it up. Thanks!

Jayci said...

I still love these! GREAT idea to spray paint the letter first. And goodness! That must have been a LOT of hot glue! ... but so worth it. They look so great. Never knew about the x's!

Amy said...

Thanks gals. Who knew looking at x's and o's would make me so happy?!:)

Jayci, I just used the small acrylic paints you can buy at any craft store and painted the letters with a foam brush. Definitely cheaper than a can of spray paint and probably easier to find the color or mix the color you need.