Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Sweet

Actually, it's for SJ.  
But she's sweet too.  
So either way it works.

I know it kind of seems obvious just sew buttons on fabric in the letter, number, or design of your choice.  But I came up with some tricks, since I didn't have a tutorial to go by [just images I'd seen] and I thought I'd share.

Here's a little how to...for you.

After finding the fabric and bulk buttons (found mine on etsy) in my color of choice...
I went to work.

I printed the letter in the size and font I wanted.  I used Photoshop because I was able to get the entire length of the page and print it without any of the letter getting cut off in the process.  I printed two copies.

I hot glued around one of my printed letters.  This helped keep my buttons from slipping and it helped form the edges really well.  I filled in the rest from there placing the buttons where I felt they fit or looked best.

I took my second copy of the letter and taped it to freezer paper. Then I took an exacto knife and cut ever so carefully around the letter.

I ironed the freezer paper to my fabric.[I did iron on a scrap piece previous to this step just to make sure it would work without leaving any marks.]

I went to work sewing buttons into place.  I did have an embroidery hoop but I don't know it was entirely necessary since I had the freezer paper, but I felt like I needed to use it since I bought it specifically for this purpose.

I felt like the project as a whole really went smoothly with all the steps I took to make this easy.

And now for the final product...framed and hung...

The Letter S