Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Sweet

Actually, it's for SJ.  
But she's sweet too.  
So either way it works.

I know it kind of seems obvious just sew buttons on fabric in the letter, number, or design of your choice.  But I came up with some tricks, since I didn't have a tutorial to go by [just images I'd seen] and I thought I'd share.

Here's a little how to...for you.

After finding the fabric and bulk buttons (found mine on etsy) in my color of choice...
I went to work.

I printed the letter in the size and font I wanted.  I used Photoshop because I was able to get the entire length of the page and print it without any of the letter getting cut off in the process.  I printed two copies.

I hot glued around one of my printed letters.  This helped keep my buttons from slipping and it helped form the edges really well.  I filled in the rest from there placing the buttons where I felt they fit or looked best.

I took my second copy of the letter and taped it to freezer paper. Then I took an exacto knife and cut ever so carefully around the letter.

I ironed the freezer paper to my fabric.[I did iron on a scrap piece previous to this step just to make sure it would work without leaving any marks.]

I went to work sewing buttons into place.  I did have an embroidery hoop but I don't know it was entirely necessary since I had the freezer paper, but I felt like I needed to use it since I bought it specifically for this purpose.

I felt like the project as a whole really went smoothly with all the steps I took to make this easy.

And now for the final product...framed and hung...

The Letter S


Sarah said...

S is also for Sarah.

(Just so you know). ; )

LOVE it. I will admire it always. From your blog. And not my wall. Even though my name starts with S.

J/K. Sydney is a lucky, lucky girl.

Beth B. said...

Oooo I like it! Very nice! And thanks for the tutorial!

Jayci said...

I've never used freezer paper before - does it make it hard? making the material you're sewing on easier to work with and hold steady or something? I'm so curious. And when you peeled it off did it come off clean or was there a bit of stick left over? See? SO curious. haha! I love this, Amy!! You're soo sooo creatively crafty.

Amy said..., the freezer paper doesn't make it hard at all. I still used an embroidery hoop to hold my fabric firm. I just had it there to get the shape of the letter spot on rather than tracing the letter on with a fabric pencil. This way I knew I was right in the lines and I didn't have to worry about washing off any lines.

It doesn't leave a stick either. I did a test run in a corner just to make sure before I started. I have used freezer paper on cotton before...for freezer paper stenciling, but I just wanted to see if it would work with the fabric I chose. I bet you would love freezer paper stenciling. I just googled and found a tutorial last year when a I tried it.

Amy said...

@beth and @sarah thanks!!