Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rockin' Love

Years ago a good friend of mine had found a kid's rocking chair at a garage sale for $4 and she fixed it up and made it into a really great piece of furniture for her living room.  I loved that it was functional (for the little ones) and yet decorative.  So I had been on the look-out for one of my own ever since.  

I found this rocking chair at a garage sale last summer for $5.  I was so excited for its potential and felt like I was getting a steal for what I planned to do with it.  Here it is as I purchased it...

And here it is now...

It is serving as a decorative, yet functional piece of furniture in my own living room.

I just happened to find the exact-sized wooden dowel I needed in my garage (left by the previous owners) to replace the missing one.  I lightly sanded, primed, and then painted two coats of Valspar's Fired Earth in semi-gloss on this baby (rocker).  And the end result is this rockin' piece of beauty now sitting all cozily next to the fire place.